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20 October, 16.00h

Top Employers HR Trends 2020: The agile path of renewal

Widespread leadership and smart training for new employability strategies in the post-Covid workplaces.

Top Employers Institute, in collaboration with Credem, presents the results of the Top Employers 2020 Research on the most significant and current HR Trends of this special year. Data and trends that show the path of the future towards an agile transformation and a proactive renewal of companies.

We are facing a time when there is an urgent and important need for a restart, so Top Employers Institute offers you a comparison on HR issues observed from a new angle.

This digital event offers you speeches, data, HR Best Practices, moments of discussion, food for thought and visionary insights to enter the heart of a new reality.


16.00h - 16.05h

Opening address: Credem

16.05h - 16.10h

Opening address: Massimo Begelle – Country Manager Italy, Top Employers Institute

16.10h – 16.25h

Interview to Andrea Bassi – Head of People Management, Credem curated by Davide Banterla – Senior HR Account Manager, Top Employers Institute

16.25h - 16.40h


Alessandro Donadio – HR Transformation Leader, EY & Author of HRevolution and SmartingUp: “Organizations of the future? It's all about brain! "

16.40h – 17.00h

Antonio Barge – HR Director, Boehringer Ingelheim: "Pepople centrality, Leadership and business transformation "

17.00h – 17.20h 

Paolo Le Pera – HR Director, Philip Morris International: “Product innovation and Employability”

17.20h – 17.30h 

Colsing:Nazzareno Gregori – General Director, Credem


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For more info, write an email to: italia@top-employers.com


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