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Become a Recognised      Top Employer

Become a Recognised      Top Employer down arrow

We accelerate the impact of people strategies to enrich the world of work

The Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognising excellence in people practices.

Our story

Get certified and grow as an employer of choice

You want to attract and retain the best talent with your employee conditions. We’re dedicated to recognising the Top Employers around the world. Together, we advance the impact of your people strategies in your organisation.

Become a Top Employer
Get certified and grow as an employer of choice

The certification process

  1. The certification process


    To certify, your organisation will complete a detailed assessment of its people practices through the HR Best Practices Survey.

  2. Validation


    After you have completed the survey, your answers will be validated and scored by Top Employers Institute.

  3. Certification


    If successful, you will be recognised as a Top Employer, standing out in your market as an employer of choice!

  4. Feedback


    Once officially certified as a recognised Top Employer, your organisation will receive feedback on your scoring.

How We Certify

We are proud to have certified over 1600 Top Employers around the world

Presence in multiple countries/regions and covering numerous industries - our certified organisations are a community dedicated to the improvement of people practices.

We are proud to have certified over 1600 Top Employers around the world

Global Top Employers

Insights from the Top Employers community

Discover insights and findings from the world’s Top Employers through blogs, reports, podcasts and Best Practices found in our knowledge portal.

Connect. Learn. Inspire. Celebrate.

Connect. Learn. Inspire. Celebrate.

Join our upcoming conferences, webinars and much anticipated global events. Celebrate and learn with us and others.

Our Events
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